King of The Grill

Summer is almost here, are you ready for grilling season?  Let me guess, your propane tank is empty, and the inside of the cheap grill you bought last year has already rusted through.  Well AM 590 ESPN Radio is teaming up with Budweiser to let you upgrade your gear and deck out your backyard as we crown you KING OF THE GRILL!

Enter below for your chance to win a $3,000 cash grand prize to spend prepping for grilling season!  Buy the deck of your dreams, a massive entertainment system for your back yard, whatever you decide to do with the cash is up to you!

In the spirit of getting you grill season ready, you also have a chance to score the Budweiser KING OF THE GRILL prize pack!  Just text “KINGOFTHEGRILL” to 66555 for your second chance to score an awesome prize package (valued at over $1,200) that includes:

  • A New Budweiser Grill
  • A Budweiser Fire-pit
  • A Budweiser Patio Umbrella
  • A Budweiser Grilling Tool Kit
  • A Budweiser Sauce Pack
  • A Budweiser Apron
  • $200 in seasoning and meats
  • And all of it will be delivered directly to your home by A Budweiser Delivery Truck

Summer is waiting, your highness…Good Luck!

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