Quinn’s Corner: NU misses preseason top 25

Hello again, everyone! Remember me? I used to talk with you on the radio everyday from 2-6, but decided to pull a 180 and head to the University of Nebraska for law school starting this fall.

After spending a few weeks on vacation (and chasing my 10-month old son around the house), the fine folks at AM 590 asked if I would mind chirping in online from time to time, and give some thoughts on sports (ish) type stuff.

So, here we are, with “Quinn’s Corner,” my quick take on some of the sports happenings out there. If you like what I have to say, compliments are welcome on Twitter (@JoeQuinnShow). If you don’t, feel free to call me out there as well.


Nebraska misses the preseason coaches poll top-25

My initial thought? Eh, big deal. It’s a preseason poll.

My secondary thought? Seems about right.

You know who agrees? Scott Frost. He didn’t include the Huskers in his preseason top-25, saying they need to “earn it.”

There’s plenty of reason to think Nebraska will be much improved this season, and we don’t need to dig into all of those reasons here – I’m sure you’ve heard them all by now. But, keep in mind, this team has won a whopping eight games over the past two seasons, which is probably barely enough to warrant top-25 consideration at the end of a single season.

If you think NU is being “disrespected” or the coaches missed the mark here, I think you’re probably a little overconfident. Kind of falls into that “old man yells at cloud” category.


Plus – it’s a preseason poll. Doesn’t really mean much.


Speaking of overrated and underrated

While we’re on the topic of overrated teams, why the constant love affair with Michigan? The Wolverines check in at #7 in the preseason poll, which seems way too high considering where the ended last season.

Since arriving in Ann Arbor, Jim Harbaugh has a 1-9 record against top-10 teams. Zero wins against Ohio State. Zero Big Ten titles. Zero division titles.

Every year, I feel like we talk about this being “their season.” I just can’t quite get there. Yes, Phil Steele loves them this year. Probably helps their cause in the poll (yes, coaches read those magazines occasionally, too)

Ohio State is another interesting one, checking in at #5, with an unproven Justin Fields at quarterback, and a new head coach in Ryan Day. At least the Buckeyes look set just about everywhere on the field, except under center.


But hey, maybe it won’t matter anyway

We can quibble about preseason rankings all we want, but I’m not sure it matters anyway. The gap between Clemson, Alabama, and the rest of the field seems as wide as ever.

To me, those are the only two teams capable of winning a national title this year.

From there, Georgia and Oklahoma occupy the next tier, and there’s another significant gap to the next group, which includes 10-12 teams: Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, LSU, Florida, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Notre Dame, A&M, others?

With as much political pressure as the committee will face to only include one SEC team in the playoff, there’s an excellent chance someone from that third tier will grab a spot this year.

If it’s not an undefeated or one-loss Big Ten champion, look for the league to really crank up the playoff expansion conversation.


2019-20 Premier League picks

The Premier League returns next weekend. I’m happy. Quite happy, actually.

My squad, Chelsea, is youthful and remade. New coach. New philosophy. New transfer ban. Even USA wonder kid Christian Pulisic is a part of the party this year!

My picks for the top of the table:

  1. Man City
  2. Liverpool
  3. Tottenham
  4. Chelsea
  5. Man United
  6. Arsenal
  7. Everton

Yes, Liverpool won Champions League last year, and nearly took down Man City in the PL. But it took a historic season to get just to that point. Pep Guardiola is a soccer genius, and as long as he’s at City, good luck.

I probably could have picked Arsenal fifth, but what kind of a Chelsea fan would I be if I did such a thing?


Zach Smith and Alabama? Nah.

Friday afternoon the world was treated to the Ohio State – Zach Smith investigation document dump, which included a text message exchange between Urban Meyer and Smith urging him to turn down a job at Alabama and stay at OSU.

Nick Saban was quoted in the ESPN.com article as saying, “We did interview him. … When we did a background check we decided it was better to hire someone else.”


Good call, Nick. I guess Saban must vet his people a little closer than Urban. Or, maybe just actually cares what pops up on a background check.


Something cool to check out

A friend of mine in California recently turned me on to some new music. Colter Wall is a country-folk man from Saskatchewan. Worth a listen – channels some Cash, if you know what I mean.

Until next time,


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