Quinn’s Corner: Field of Dreams Game

Earlier this week, MLB (along with the Yankees and White Sox), made the dreams of many a baseball fan come true with this announcement:

As a kid that grew up in Iowa – MLB hit an absolute home run with this one. 8,000 tickets will go quickly, and be quite expensive I’d imagine.

It’s also cool the White Sox will be involved in the game, given the movie ties with Shoeless Joe Jackson.

I’ve visited the site a couple of times – first back in the early 90’s as a kid, and then later on as an adult. The actual field isn’t very big – maybe 150 feet to where the corn starts – so I wasn’t surprised to hear they’re going to have to build a temporary stadium.

If it all goes well – I wonder if MLB will try temporary stadiums at any other sites? Could make for some interesting locations.

Interestingly enough – the Field of Dreams site has seen it’s fair share of controversy in the past. Here’s a sample.

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