Handley: Week 2 B1G game predictions

Week 2 of college football in the Big Ten will feature a conference match-up, a few intriguing non-con showdowns, and the usual walk through games. Here is how I see it going down:

Saturday, September 7th

11am  Ohio State 38   Cincinnati 23

11am   Michigan 45   Army 24

11am   Iowa 35   Rutgers 14

11am    Syracuse 28   Maryland 24

11am     Purdue  31   Vanderbilt 20

2:30pm   Wisconsin 52   Central Michigan 13

2:30pm   Nebraska 41   Colorado 38

2:30pm   Illinois 35   UConn 13

2:30pm   Indiana 38   Eastern Illinois 17

6:30pm   Penn State 52   Buffalo 20

6:30pm   Michigan State 24   Western Michigan 10

9:30pm   Minnesota 21   Fresno State 20

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