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Grilling SZN is here and Hy-Vee has the goods

Grilling SZN is here and Hy-Vee has the goods

Grilling SZN is here and Hy-Vee has the goods

During this time of quarantine and social distancing at least we can say mother nature has been more kind lately. For me that means firing up the grill and smoker more frequently. I am somewhat new to the smoker life and have kept it simple with ribs but oh, they’re good. Hy-Vee’s pork ribs work so well with the various rubs I’ve tried and if you haven’t tried the Mahapi sauce, now is the time. Mahapi sauce is a sweet habanero pepper sauce that works as a rub or as a topping for ribs and even brats. My wife and I have always enjoyed the fresh salmon, tilapia,and shrimp from the Hy-Vee seafood department which is perfect for grilling recipes.

More than anything, Hy-Vee understands the season as well. They have burger patties, brats, and chicken breasts at great prices, and at a variety of counts. It’s not all about the meat though. The fresh produce make for the very best vegetable grilling to go along with the main course. Now more than ever it’s so important to enjoy your outdoor setup with your family and what better way than treating everyone to a great meal from the grill. Make sure you stop at Hy-Vee for the best grilling supplies at tremendous prices. Also pickup awesome summer recipes with Hy-Vee’s free “Seasons” magazine.

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