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A 590 listener shares some great tips on running shoes and more

A 590 listener shares some great tips on running shoes and more

A 590 listener shares some great tips on running shoes and more

T.J. and I were discussing how many people are doing more jogging and running to stay in shape during the Covid-19 pandemic. We got into certain particulars like types of shoes and how they can lead to injuries down the road. Later that night I received a very informative e-mail from a listener who has accomplished several running milestones. I wanted to share his advice and thoughts on the topic:

From Lee (Listener)
Hi guys. Good show, as always.

Just about the running thing. I should mention that I’ve run over 50 marathons and 10
ultramarathons; and, of course, a couple of hundred 10Ks.

Shoe choice depends on the person’s weight, their stride length, their shoe size,
do they pronate or supinate, previous injuries, the mileage that they’re
running (or plan to run), and the pace that they run at.

Heavier shoes for heavier runners. I’m assuming that you’re not 5’6″, weigh
120 pounds, and can run a four-minute mile. The best runners in the world
(the runners who win the Boston Marathon, the New York City Marathon,
the Chicago Marathon, the Olympic Marathon) have physical attributes
and natural abilities. They are light in weight, they’re very fast runners
naturally, and they have to train hard. The rest of us are what I call
neighborhood-class runners (which is fine); almost all of us are.

Just as an offensive lineman weighs 300 pounds, and can bench press
450 pounds, just as it helps to be 6’7″ tall and have a vertical of 40″,
to be a basketball player, the fastest distance runners in the world are light,
fast, and have natural endurance (even so, they have to train hard).

You guys were discussing the amount of time required to train for a
half-marathon or a marathon and, you’re right, it takes time to train
properly. If you can’t make the time, then your ability to finish, say,
a marathon, will be a challenge.

I should mention that you probably can’t run 10 miles in 30 minutes.
The world record for a mile isn’t 3 minutes.

Have fun when you run, be smart, run with others if that helps you,
listen to music if you like, and be consistent.

Take care.


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