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Summer Craft Beer Power Rankings

Summer Craft Beer Power Rankings

Summer Craft Beer Power Rankings

By: Nick Handley

Here we go. Dog days of summer. In the sports world it’s commonly known as “sports winter’ or “list season.” So why just leave the lists to the upcoming college football season. Let’s rank some beers! Summer has a variety of options when it comes to the ideal summer flavor. I typically prefer a lighter beer such as a pilsner, or lager. You could even find a low-cal I.P.A. that won’t feel quite as heavy. Over the years I have developed my go-to warm-weather beers. I have frequented many local patios and continue to be impressed with the selection our state brewers put out. They also have some great venues to enjoy a summer evening cold one. You will also notice the presence of the more popular national brews. Whatever your flavor is I can assure you your local Hy-Vee will carry most of these summer time favorites. Hy-Vee’s craft beer selection is one of the best around. Here is my top-10.

1- Sam Adams- Summer Ale

2- Brickway (Omaha)- Pils

3- Nebraska Brewing Company- Ale Storm

4- Kinkaider (Broken Bow, Lincoln) – Dan the Wiser White Peach Kolsch

5- Lagunitas- Sumpin’ Easy Ale

6- Bell’s- Two Hearted Ale

7- Deschutes- Mirror Pond Ale

8- Kros Strain (Omaha)- Helles Creek Lager

9- Sierra Nevada- Pale Ale

10- Zipline (Lincoln, Omaha)- Cloudlifter Hazy IPA

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