Big Game Food Battle

By: Nick Handley We’re all set. The Cincinnati Bengals will take on the Los Angeles Rams for the big game on Sunday, February 13th. You now have almost two weeks to prepare for the ultimate day of

The Holiday Beer Power Rankings

By: Nick Handley   Happy New Year! But before you ring in the new year tomorrow just remember it’s a great day to stock up on your NYE spirits and beers at Hy-Vee with another Thirsty Thursday

Five Oktoberfest beers you must try this fall

By: Nick Handley   After a day of watching college football and still stewing over Nebraska’s loss to Oklahoma, my wife and our friends decided to have a firepit night with a little fun addition. BEER TASTING!

What’s at Your Tailgate?

By: Nick Handley It’s that time of the year. Tailgate season! Husker football begins this weekend and it’s a good time to take inventory of your classic tailgate items. For me, It’s pretty simple. Meat, beer, chips,

A Breakfast Favorite

By: Nick Handley Let’s be real. We all love breakfast food, right? If you don’t, I’ve got nothing for ya. My wife and I will occasionally pull the breakfast for dinner move or better known as “brinner.”

Local beer meets local brats

Sadly summer is winding down but grilling season is going strong. Let’s face it, as long as the temps are above 40 degrees we can still justify firing up the grill, right? One of my favorite items